Who We Are, What We Do

Our Mission

SHARE (Safe, Healthy, Affordable and Reliable Energy) is a non-profit coalition of organizations committed to ensuring the continued supply of reliable, clean and affordable electricity for all New Yorkers. High electricity prices have placed an undue economic burden on New York families and businesses, while poor air quality has led to high asthma rates which place our most vulnerable at risk. SHARE, and its member organizations, are committed to working with local stakeholders in the New York metropolitan area to address these problems and provide all New Yorkers with the clean and affordable power they deserve.

Our Purpose

All of New York City, Rockland, Suffolk, Westchester and Orange Counties violate federal standards for clean and healthy air. Scientific studies have repeatedly shown that the pollutants responsible for these violations are linked to increased levels of asthma and heart attacks, lung cancer and premature death. What’s more, low-income populations, minorities and children living in inner cities are disproportionately affected by asthma.

New York also has the highest electricity prices in the nation outside of Hawaii, placing a tremendous burden on many of its residents.

Member Organizations